The Women’s Business Center developed organically out of NEW’s innovative spirit, becoming key to propelling women beyond stability to wealth creation that also extends to their families.

New Economics for Women – Women’s Business Center is the place for you to get the latest information on loans and, most recently, grants. We are proud to be selected by the County of Los Angeles as a participating technical assistant program.

The County of LA, the City of LA, local philanthropic stakeholders and LISC LA have created a Regional Recovery Fund to support those facing economic pressure as result of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are grants available for micro enterprises for $5,000 and $15,000 for Small Businesses and Nonprofits.

The grant application starts on July 6 for the first round. You will need to apply at LACOVIDFUND.ORG, “GRANTS” tab. Who qualifies? $5000 is for businesses with revenue less than $100,000, which includes the Gig economy, street vendors, sole proprietors, independent contractors, 1099 workers, and or single-member LLCs.

Small business is eligible for $15,000 grants if your company made over $100,000 and under one million. The revenue will be verified through your tax returns of 2018 or 2019 and a certification of Good standing with the California Secretary of State.

NEW-WBC will provide two webinars this week to help answer your questions. Please visit our calendar of events to sign up.
Ruth Garcia-Corrales


By Africa De Broeck, Fashion Team

What is the NEW-wbc.org Fashion Program?

As a new program in the community of Los Angeles, New-wbc.org offers a space where fashion entrepreneurs can receive guidance from successful industry professionals on how to start, grow, or re-design a fashion business. In the Fashion program, you have access to one-on-one consultations, industry webinars, and mentorship opportunities.

According to IBISWorld, from “Online Women’s’ Fashion” report, by Claire O’Connor, June 2020, this industry generated 28.3 Billion dollars. “Revenue for Online Women’s Clothing Sales industry has increased significantly over most of the five years to 2020” (pg.5). Even during these unprecedented times, consumers have a way to adapt to new ways in order to look for essentials, and clothing in general is essential. In this case, this means more online sales can increase your bottom line. The report also notes that Amazon.com, Macy’s, and Nordstrom’s are the key industry players. Knowing relevant information helps entrepreneurs sort business short-term to long-term goals as well as prioritizing operational action steps to focus on the growth of your business.

Business Consultation: Assess your fashion business idea, business model, industry specific market research reports with SWOT analysis, and data used to position your business in the industry.

Fashion Webinars

Topics include: Visual Merchandising, Accessories, Executive Summary, Business Plan, and many more.

Mentorship Program

Industry scholars, Fashion business consultants, Fashion Designers, Manufacturers, Stylists, Online Influencers, B2B, and C2C industry professionals will have a chance to share tips and best practices to mentees who are aspiring to enter the Fashion industry

Fashion industry tip

Women between the ages of 20 and 39 are a key demographic for women’s clothing, IBISWorld.

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Celeste Young-Ramos, Restaurant Team at NEW Women's Business Center

By Celeste Young-Ramos, Restaurant Team

CA Governor Rolls Back Openings of Los Angeles Businesses

Governor Newsom announced the closing of bars in 7 counties, including Los Angeles County, less than a month after allowing reopening due to the increase spread of COVID-19 cases. This closure applies to all alcohol serving businesses that do not serve meals with the drinks. Concerns have been raised as customers in many establishments, perhaps with inebriation, have not followed the social distancing mandates and as information surfaces around the spread of the virus in confined spaces. Mayor Garcetti, supported the Governor on social media. “As we started reopening more businesses, we cautioned that we may need to change course to protect public health from this deadly virus. I support @CAGovernor’s order to close bars in L.A. County and other counties to limit the spread of COVID-19.”

Monday, The Daily News, reports that 1 in 140 Angelenos may be infected. This grim data must impact the way all businesses owners and management operate during this trying time. More than ever it is essential that businesses comply with all the Los Angeles County and State Social Distancing Protocols for their business types to protect the health of their employees and the community. It then becomes the responsibility of management to enforce these critical steps. “To politely and professionally address the behavior of violators, whether employee or guest, becomes an essential function and may require leaders to train staff and create “scripting dialogs” in advance,” says NEW WBC Restaurant Program Manager, Celeste Young-Ramos. “Not only is it equally important to avoid the $1,000 per day fine per violation and potential establishment closures, but to safeguard the health of the community at large.” If you are unsure of the local social distancing requirements, please contact us for support and education.

READY-OPEN-SERVE has launched, check it out https://www.new-wbc.org/programs/ready-open-serve/restaurants/


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