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A  6-part series on producing and production management 10/19/21 – 10/28/21.  You will learn how to navigate the dark and deep waters of independent film and video production. This webinar series will cover producing, production management and set management of film & video productions of any kind. This would include short, feature and series projects. It is suitable for anyone from novice through intermediate producers. Each seminar includes a real case study, and professional tips for effective production management. 


Seminar 1: Navigating Development. 10/19/21

Roles in development. How to develop and protect your project. Acquiring a property; scripts; casting & packaging, legal matters, talent reps, planning the production, breakdowns, budgets & schedules, pitching projects. How development affects every other aspect of production. With case study.


Seminar 2: Navigating Preproduction. 10/20/21

Managing preproduction; Fundamental choices; Tasks, forecasting, scheduling & timeline. Key team members; Legal matters & employment issues. Crewing up, casting up. Production design. Union or nonunion. Finance issues. Solving future problems. With case study.


Seminar 3: Navigating Production Part 1. 10/21/21

Production departments; Required crew; Protecting your film; different types of productions & crews; scripted versus unscripted; stunts, effects, and cgi. Legal, business, and accounting issues. Following union rules. With case study.


Seminar 4: Navigating Production Part 2. 10/26/21

Process on set; Managing the set. Safety, logistics and coordinating a shoot. How to handle emergencies or unforeseen issues. Principles for good production management. With case study.


Seminar 5: Navigating Post Production & Delivery. 10/27/21

Post supervision; Editorial, VFX, sound, music; delivery timeline; delivery “requirements”; licensing, and legal matters; Publicity. With case study.


Seminar 6: Navigating Promotion, Publicity & Distribution. 10/28/21 

The current distribution environment and how it came to be. Outlook for the future of independent distribution, Types of distribution. Streaming, theatrical, sell-through, ancillary rights. Strategies to get distributed. Developing a distribution strategy for your project.  With case study.

Any questions or suggestions please contact Marianna Karapetyan (WIE) Entertainment Program Manager

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