Live Virtual Audition “New Hollywood Show” – Entertainment WIE

September 17, 2022 – 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

My Hollywood Story
We are casting for the most sought-after, anticipated Live TV show in the world! Yes, it’s that big. We all
have a story about our journey to Hollywood. What is your story? What is your dream job? This casting
is for the starring roles only. Feel free to audition for any role you think will suit your talents as we will
cast secondary roles from there.
CAST BREAKDOWN – NOTE* If the role doesn’t have a race or age beside it, then it is open to any
LANCE – (Caucasian) Handsome actor and he knows it. Loves the theater. He has a hidden disability
that makes him self-conscious sometimes lashing out at people.
JIMMY – Slightly demented rapper/businessman. Naturally funny & surprisingly open-minded southern
boy. (No accent is necessary)
HANS – (Caucasian) German import. Good-looking aspiring Actor/ Director/ Producer…whatever is
ACTING COACH – Ex /Current Marine. Rules with an iron fist! Stay on your marks and never miss a line
in his presence.
STAR – (Caucasian) Aspiring actress & Yoga fanatic. An Ethereal beauty loves her body & shows it off.
Always available to give out fitness tips to the less gifted.
MAGGIE – Attractive Secretary to the biggest agency in town. Very smart, better than her boss, and doesn’t take any mess from anybody!
ANNE – Pretty, non-conventional actress. Super shy and somewhat overweight. She tries to break out of
her shell by going out for the most rachet roles.
MEI – (Asian) Model/Actress. Lovely on the outside, spoiled on the inside. She never misses a moment
to point out others’ flaws.
PREPARE: An ultra-short monologue that shows off your unique talent (1-2 minutes). Most actors in
Hollywood has a secret ability. Show us what you can do: can you sing, dance, or play the ukulele? Either
tell us or show us. The script (SIDES) will be made available in advance of the audition, either by email
or just before your time. It’s OK, you can read it!
SHOOT DATESEARLY NOVEMBER (TBD) Two days plus a rehearsal day. Compensation (TBD)


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Any questions or suggestions please contact Marianna Karapetyan (WIE) Entertainment Program Manager