Why You Need to Have Payroll in a Correct Way

June 29, 2023 – 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Are you 100% certain your business is paying the right amount of payroll taxes? Whether you are a small or medium sized business, you cannot afford to mess up.

That’s why you’ll appreciate Why You Need to Have Payroll in a Correct Way.This webinar will give you the foundation you need to understand the complicated world of payroll taxes and can help you protect yourself and your business from staggering IRS penalties.

Don’t take a chance and just assume you’re doing it correctly — know for sure.

This session will cover areas such as:

  • What is a payroll system?
  • Who can you do the payroll in a company?
  • How to pick the best and most correct option for payroll.
  • What are some of the most common mistakes when making the payroll?
  • Benefits of having in house payroll versus a third party vendor.
  • Updates to payroll tax and withholdings for social security, Medicare, unemployment taxes and more”.