Coffee With Baba

Created by Mercedes Garcia

An Iranian-American twentysomething and his father meet for coffee, only to find themselves clashing over their differing worldviews. To reduce COFFEE WITH BABA to a succinct description would be doing this deceptively simple film a major disservice. It’s the all-too-familiar tale of a lonely, aging father struggling to connect with an adult son who has naturally grown distant from him. It’s about the divide between first and second generation Iranian immigrants in the United States during one of the most politically polarized eras in American history. It’s about the folly of liberalism in the face of fascism. It’s about the small, seemingly inconsequential moments we take for granted with the people we love. It’s me trying to make sense of these past three years of my life (2020-2022), during which a global pandemic has forced me to think about all these things daily. In other words, COFFEE WITH BABA was the film I had to make when I made it.