Catalyst Castle Studios

Catalyst Castle

Casey Follen, the creator of Catalyst Castle Studios, left her full-time job to focus on her start-up business and discovered NEW-WBC just at the right time. She has previously worked at other animation studios in production management roles for clients such as Mattel, Hasbro, Honda, Epic Games, and AT&T; on features/specials for Netflix, Paramount, and Warner Bros; as well as on shows including Ask the StoryBots, SuperMansion, and Robot Chicken.

Her style is a mix of stop motion and motion graphics. It’s often design-driven, kind, colorful, and infused with handcrafted charm. Casey’s boutique studio specializes in stop motion animation and sculptural/3D illustration.

“I discovered NEW-WBC at just the right time. The webinar workshops helped me have a sense of community and stability during a time of transition, and the Women Own Small Business Certification workshop helped break down the complex process of EDWOSB certification,” said Casey Follen

Casey is a client of the Women in Entertainment program of NEW-WBC sponsored by Wells Fargo and she is excited to embark on the journey of having her own business and partnering up with some new and exciting clients!

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