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Cynthia F. McConnell, founder of Leafy Beans Coffee LLC, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2021, driven by her passion for exceptional coffee. Her quest led her to the high-altitude farms of Chiapas, Mexico, where indigenous families, descendants of the Maya, have nurtured Arabic coffee beans in volcanic soil since 1850.

With the ability to speak Spanish, Cynthia directly engaged with these communities, forging a unique partnership. She not only sourced exquisite beans but also ensured fair wages for the local workers who picked and processed the coffee. Cynthia’s commitment to sustainability extended to recycling unused bean parts, contributing to the land.

Cynthia discovered NEW-WBC through one of our partners, the Antelope Valley Chambers of Commerce. She learned that our organization offered free resources and tools for women entrepreneurs like herself. After scheduling her first counseling session, the NEW-WBC opened networking opportunities for Leafy Beans Coffee! Cynthia attended general business courses such as, Web Design, Procurement and even signed up  for her first NEW-WBC community event, our own Food Expo as a vendor. 

Though venturing into the business world was a challenge, Cynthia persevered, supported by her loved ones. Her biggest hurdle was mastering the export/import process, but with determination, she succeeded.

Did we mention, she stopped by our Canoga Park office and graced us with her super delicious, Leafy Beans Coffee? Which by the way, is truly one of a kind!

Today, Leafy Beans Coffee stands apart for its direct engagement with indigenous communities and dedication to ethical practices. Cynthia’s mission is clear: to introduce the world to the rich coffee beans of Mexico, one delicious cup at a time.

 “NEW-WBC has shown me that there is a lot of help and resources. Just ask and they will gladly help with a smile and at no cost!” – Cynthia McConnell

For more information, check out her website: www.leafybeanscoffee.com

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