Norman A Blieden , CPA

At Norm Blieden CPA, we proactively deliver more than the numbers. We routinely provide our clients with deep dives on the financials such as cash flow, sales seasonality, overhead, cost & cost ratio analysis, and the myriad implications for these and other analyses …to enhance performance in manufacturing, sales, human resources, marketing, and more. We have extensive banking relationships that are helpful for loan sourcing and processing. And we can assist with business valuations for a variety of business and personal needs. Of course, our team also works hard to provide your company with standard accounting support including:

  • Bookkeeping services to ensure accurate & useful financial reporting.

  • Financial statements with insights that help you manage your business.

  • Minimizing your company’s and personal tax liability.

  • Helping manage payroll and ensuring timely government reporting.

  • We help startups as well as entities doing up to $500 million a year in sales.

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