Resources for Creatives

The Women In Entertainment (WIE) Program is funded by Wells Fargo and designed to empower women entrepreneurs through education, advocacy, outreach, and support. Offering a variety of free or low cost resources, access to directory of connections in LA, and experts who can help your career and business grow.

NEW-WBC-WIE features webinar workshops, roundtable discussions, conference and networking opportunities where participants will access the building blocks of marketable technical skills and learn about starting a business, producing and managing creative projects that will help them break into and expand their roles in the Entertainment industry.

Focused for: Independent Producers, Filmmakers, Directors, Scriptwriters, Event Planners, Artists, Musicians, Actors, Talent Promoters, Venue Owners/Operators, and more.


1st Initial Consult

Get to know you and your business assessment and referrals. Setting goals and steps to be worked on until the next session.

2nd Consult

Working through more details and specifics as needed to help you in your journey of either starting or managing your business and/or career.

3rd Consult & Beyond

You will get the flexibility to choose the time period that works best with your schedule to accomplish your goals and come back for additional advice, mentoring, and coaching as you need.

Webinar Training Topics

  • Casting Your Film or Video Project

  • Film Production Management
  • Script Breakdown, Budgeting and Scheduling
  • Pitching Your Film & Video Project
  • Dramatic TV Screenplay Writing
  • Crowdfunding
  • Illustrating for Scripts & Books
  • Emerging digital players in the film/video industry
  • Pitching Your Project and YOU!
  • What to Expect as a Woman
  • Intellectual Property “IP”
  • Feature Screenplay Writing
  • …and more!

Upcoming Training & EVENTS

Watch Creator Films

Discover Networking Opportunities with Industry Professionals

A key element of the Entertainment Networking Directory services is to further the entertainment industry’s commitment to increasing exposure and hiring women of color, as well as to explore new business opportunities for other women created by industry changes brought on by the pandemic.

NEW-WBC-WIE will soon offer participants opportunities to create their own low-cost content as industry calling cards by providing a “green screen” production space, including industry-quality filming, sound and editing equipment, as well as another space devoted to recording podcasts.

Directory of Creators

You or your business is in Los Angeles County, California? Join our Entertainment Networking Directory and showcase your talents!

Catalyst Castle Studios
Casey Follen, the creator of Catalyst Castle Studios, left her full-time job to focus on her start-up business and discovered NEW-WBC just at the right time. She has previously worked at ot […]
Shoot Films Not People
I am an independent production company and clothing brand rooted in social justice. I sell branded clothing and my films online. In addition, I do pop-ups throughout LA.
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