Created by Donna Bonilla Wheeler

A prodigy musician trapped in a rural town fights for her freedom to achieve greatness.


Prodigy harmonica player Natalie feels life cannot be worth living if she’s denied her right to strive for, and achieve, musical greatness. She wants to follow in the footsteps of her musician father, traveling the world and playing concerts. Her oppressive family keeps her in check, forbidding her pursuit of music as it’s only for ‘dreamers.’

When free-spirited singer Annie and her psychic dog Boozer move in next door, the strangers meet and find themselves very much connected. The magical language of music bonds them, and they decide that partnering is their true jam.

Natalie must choose between following her legacy musician life, or keeping her family conflict-free and squelching her talent.

19:00 TRT Dramedy (Unrated/ suitable for PG-13 audiences)
Subtitled in English and Espanol.