Available Grants

Some grants have deadlines which expire, so please make sure you read the requirements thoroughly and apply accordingly.

  • Small Business Rental Assistance

    The Small Business Rental Assistance Grant Program will provide grants of $2,500 up to $15,000 to eligible businesses that need financial assistance to aid in their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses must be located within the City of Los Angeles and use the grants to cover any outstanding rent payments incurred on or after March 1, 2020, through April 30, 2023.

    You WILL need to have a BTRC (Business Tax Registration Certificate) which can be done for you by booking an appointment with Selina using this link.


    The City of Los Angeles Economic Workforce and Development Department (EWDD) in partnership with the Mayor’s Office and Council Districts with Braven Agency as Lead Operator are digitizing Los Angeles small businesses with LA Optimized!

    LA Optimized will help small businesses adapt to this rapidly changing shift in consumer behavior and technological advances by assisting Small Businesses optimize their businesses for online sales and marketing.

  • Verizon Small Business Digital Ready

    Deadline: May 20, 2023

    Scroll down to Small Businesses. Big Dreams.

  • Hello Alice

    Deadline: May 20, 2023

    This organization partners with major companies that are offering specialized grants.

  • Immigrants Rising Seed Grant

    Deadline: May 25, 2023

    $1.5 million for immigrant entrepreneurs in California through the SEED initiative!

  • 14 Small Business Grants for Women Entrepreneurs

    Several lenders and corporations have acknowledged female entrepreneurs’ disadvantages. They have attempted to reduce gender inequality and build the economy with these 14 small business grants and funding opportunities for women.

  • Bank of America® Down Payment Grant Program

    The program is designed to drive business growth and generational wealth opportunities for women and minority-owned small to mid-sized businesses.

    Please email Ric when you complete the application:

  • Minority Business Message Board

    Discover the power of the Minority Business 365 Message Boards and see how our 300,000 members can benefit you AND your small business!

Quick Loans

If you need a quick Loan from $1,000 to $ 36,000 with no Financial Documentation at 0% for 12-36 months, you may want to consider applying to the organizations here.

  • Kiva Los Angeles

    Since 2005 KIVA has been helping borrowers crowd-Lend up to $15,000 @ 0% with payment terms of 12-36 months depending on the Loan you are awarded.

  • Jewish Free Loan Association

    114-year-old non-profit organization helping all communities with 0% Loans up to $36,000 if your FICO credit score is above 580 and can get 2 co-signers that have a FICO credit score above 680. With One Co-signer, you can receive a loan up to $ 7,500. No need for Financial Statements, Business Plan or Taxes. 1 Virtual interview is all you will need to be prepared for.

  • The Black Cooperative Investment Fund (BCIF)

    Founded in 2016 and launched in January 2017, the Black Cooperative Investment Fund (BCIF) is a a 501(c)3, community-based organization rooted in self-help economics that provides microloans to the Black community through pooled dollars and raises awareness about the importance of economic empowerment, equity, and wealth building for the Black community.

  • The Small Business Loan Guarantee Program

    IBank’s Small Business finance Center features a loan guarantee program designed to assist small businesses that experience capital access barriers. The Small Business Loan Guarantee program encourages lenders to provide funds to small businesses to help them grow and prosper.

About the Program

Ric Saenz leads the Small Business Lending Support team in helping clients find access to capital through Loans. Crowdlending and Grants by offering training & coaching through Entrepreneurial Webinars and one on one Counseling.

Remember, always share your Business Successes with me via email should you make any financial improvements to your business like buying any equipment, hiring a new employee, paying for a business consultation, receiving a Loan, Grant or any other Business Capital.

If you live in LA County and want to schedule a Loan/Business appointment, click the button below!

Ric Saenz

Ric Saenz

Financial and General Business Manager

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