Why the Women’s Business Center

The Women’s Business Center developed organically out of NEW’s innovative spirit, becoming key to propelling women beyond stability to wealth creation that also extends to their families.


The Name of the Game

It could be a song of the 70’s or an actual game but in reality is the most important aspect of a situation, says the dictionary. In business the name of the game is growing and expanding and to do that most businesses usually will need funds.

Today we are in one of the hardest situations any current society has gone through. Small and micro businesses are suffering with their doors closed for lack of technology to open other opportunities. We have the two loan programs available, the well-known now PPP – Paycheck Protection Program and EIDL – Economic Injury Disaster Loan.

PPP is closing in 7 days and we don’t know if it will reopen in the future. We have the complete Guidelines for anyone who is interested in applying through Lendistry. remember for those sole proprietors, freelancers, look at your Income tax filing of 2019 Schedule C line 31, if you reported net earnings (no zero or negative) you can qualify. Divide the amount on line 31 by 12 and multiply it by 2.5. This is the total you can claim for your PPP which has forgiveness amounts. We can help you www.new-wbc.org get a free appointment right away.

EIDL is open again and I heard they are answering in 2 to 3 days. You will need to apply through the SBA site here.

There are other programs for those that do not qualify for the top two loan programs for example the California disaster loans. The County of Los Angeles will soon provide information on a grant program and we are going to be part of the team helping entrepreneurs apply, we will get you the information as soon as it’s ready.

There is a saying “When it gets darker it is because it is going to dawn”. There will be better days for sure but let’s get your finances ready to qualify. All our consultants are available for free consultation to help you with your application. We are here to serve and help you as much as we can, you make the first step now!

Ruth Garcia-Corrales

Fashion, by Africa De Broeck

Fashion Team

Africa De Broeck

Geoff Duran is a Los Angeles based “Hip American Luxury” brand whose consumers consist from Hollywood hipsters to the urban city entrepreneur. The brand’s signature M5K™️ Tailored Sport Shirt seamlessly allows a smooth transition from day to evening without a need for a tie. Materials for Geoff Duran are sourced of the finest quality materials, including cotton and unique diamond shaped gold neck cuffs.

Geoffrey D. Starks, Founder of GeoffDuran.com

Founder Geoffrey D. Starks showcasing the Signature Metropolis™️ Suit, Made To Measure, go his website – www.geoffduran.com.

Geoffrey D. Sparks has been featured in popular lifestyle magazines like Jon Magazine and Avante Magazine. In June 18th, 2020 Apparel News released an article featuring the GEOFF DURAN M5K™️ Tailored Sport Shirt All-White Series II. Given the times, while many fashion retailers have been affected by COVID-19, Geoffrey D. Starks shows his resilience continuing to move forward and elevating his brand during unprecedented time in history by adapting to e-commerce using social media marketing, collaborating and collaborating with other industry professionals. He is a philanthropist at heart and is happy to be joining the panel of mentors at the new Fashion Mentorship Program staring this July 18, 2020. The program will begin as a zoom webinar and will be a platform for mentees to have a space in the fashion community where the questions can be answered for the entrepreneur fashion community.

During the shelter at home time, Geoffrey focused on mentally recharging by going with in, taking time to breath, relax, and made the time to follow his spiritual health in order to make important decisions while under high elevated stressors. His limitless creativity and timeless appreciation for fashion is what shows through his designs.

Restaurants, introducing Celeste Young-Ramos

Celeste Young-Ramos, Restaurant Team at NEW Women's Business Center

Restaurant Team

Celeste is now part of our Women’s Business Center. She is here for you to help navigate this trying times. She brings extensive experience in the Food Service Industry. Her skills include:

Food Service Operations and Training Consultant Summary

  • Results-driven corporate and franchise consultant with 20+ years of high-level management experience in the restaurant industry.
  • Provide strategic consultations to restaurant operators to maximize sales/profit while optimizing the customer experience.
  • Cultivate and maintain strong, influential business relationships to assist each franchisee with their unique store issues.
  • Promote organizational synergy by clearly communicating brand standards and vision to franchise partners and staff.
  • Strong working knowledge of P&L, inventory/cash control, customer service procedures, and strict quality standards.

Please contact Celeste today: cyoung-ramos@neworg.us

Restaurants Highlights

Dine-in protocol for restaurants during Covid-19 coronavirus social distancing

Dine In Protocol

After three months of Safe at Home orders and dining from take-out packaging, many hungry Angelenos are craving the dine-in experience of their favorite restaurants. Many will find the vibe may be different, in fact sterile. Smiling faces are now hidden behind cloth masks and clinical looking face shields. The robust hustle and energy of a packed restaurant has been replaced with sparsely filled dining rooms with plastic barriers and people social distancing.

Will these well intended actions to reduce the spread of Coronavirus actually protect us and be financial sustainable?

The question, still remains to be answered, but we hope that these efforts will help to keep us all safe.
Earlier, this month, the Los Angeles County Health Department introduced the Restaurant Dine-In Opening Protocols: Appendix and its massive 11 pages of safeguards. The sight of it brought chills to operators as they tried to understand, comply, and finance the PPE requirements, increased sanitation, and 6 feet social distancing measures to protect the health of employees and guests.

Many were surprising by the lack of training and advance notice for the additional budget straining mandates. Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said, “We are not requiring restaurants to go through pre-inspections prior to opening. We’re hoping that the protocols are a good guideline to use. This is like an honor system.”

So how did the honor system work during the first weekend of 2,000 inspections conducted by the LA County Health Department?

According to Dr. Ferrar, nearly 50% of restaurants did not fully meet the new minimum COVID 19 precautions. The biggest violations centered around maintaining the 6-foot social distancing in the front and back of house, and the lack of cloth masks and face shields for employees who will be in close proximity of mask-less, dining guests.
Current standards require that dine-in restaurant leadership use the dine-In Appendix I and non-dine-in the Appendix A as templates to create their food service Social Distancing Policy. The documents should be posted at entry along with a notice to employees and guests to not visit if experiencing symptoms, the need to wear a mask, and practice 6-foot distancing.

What is the consequence of non-compliance?

Current regulations state that violators will be cited $1,000 per violation per day, however the Health Department is taking a teach and learn approach, by notifying violators and doing return visits to ensure compliance. It is not know at this time if The Appendix A or I violations will be listed on the County Inspections Reporting Website.
If you have not created your Social Distancing Protocol or would like help, then – catch one of our Restaurant Re-Open Webinars or make an appointment with our Restaurant Program Manager, Celeste Young-Ramos. The next webinar is on June 23rd at 9 -11 am. Register here. Our goal is help make you as successful and safe as possible.

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Women Entertainment Panel coming in July. We are bringing together top Industry Leaders to share an outlook for the Industry’s future. More information coming soon.

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