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Introducing Heart Kiki Healing, a sanctuary where relaxation meets transformation. Founded by Kiki Matoba, Heart Kiki Healing is on a mission to guide individuals toward living in the parasympathetic mode of the nervous system, where self-healing, creativity, and inner peace thrive. As a highly sensitive individual herself, Kiki understands the importance of releasing stress to navigate life’s intensity. Drawing from her journey of discovery, she offers a range of services, including meditation, breathwork, and remote energy healing, to help others find calm amidst chaos.

Kiki’s path to entrepreneurship began over a decade ago when she discovered the profound benefits of energy work. Faced with limited opportunities in the field, she took the bold step of establishing her own practice, specializing in virtual remote healings. Leveraging the universal nature of energy, Kiki’s sessions transcend physical boundaries, reaching clients worldwide. Her expertise has earned her recognition on platforms like Goop and partnerships with esteemed establishments such as The Standard Hotel and Yelp.

The journey of building Heart Kiki Healing was not without its challenges, but the New Women’s Business Center played a pivotal role in Kiki’s success story. With their guidance, she navigated the complexities of business registration and gained invaluable insights through programs like the 12 Steps for Launching a Business Training. The center’s marketing webinars further empowered her to promote her services effectively.

Reflecting on her experience, Kiki expresses profound gratitude to the New Women’s Business Center. Their unwavering support equipped her with the knowledge and confidence needed to turn her vision into reality. Heart Kiki Healing stands today as a testament to Kiki’s dedication to helping others find peace, clarity, and a deeper connection to themselves.

In Kiki’s words, “I am forever grateful to the New Women’s Business Center for providing the education, resources, and direct help that gave me the courage to officiate my business.” With her passion, expertise, and the support of organizations like the New Women’s Business Center, Kiki continues to spread healing and positivity.

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