Zing! The Family-Owned Tacos Flavored with Success

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Adan and Rafala Rodriguez have owned Zingo Tacos Al Carbon for more than 25 years, crafting handmade tacos, quesadillas, and burritos in honor of their native Mexican town, Coatzingo. Along with their three children, the Rodriguez family built a successful restaurant catering to local Cal State students and El Sereno residents alike.

After entering 2020 and struggling with the new threats COVID-19 brought to businesses all over California, Adan and Rafala wanted to disaster-proof Zingos with better management, an updated kitchen, and a focus on increasing sales for more community support. They turned to the NEW Women’s Business Center (NEW-WBC) for free consulting and guidance, and joined the READY. OPEN. SERVE. Restaurant program to connect with other food service professionals.

The team at NEW-WBC worked closely with the family to improve product quality, speed of service, and optimizing food flow, as well as building better guest satisfaction. New safety techniques were researched and implemented to comply with Los Angeles County Social Distancing Protocols and decrease the possibility of infections. At the same time, the NEW-WBC provided them with the latest information on COVID funding programs from a variety of California, federal, and local providers.

The result was phenomenal. Zingos Tacos saw an immediate improvement in organization and food production flows, with more customers served faster and safer than before. This meant more sales and happier diners coming back for more orders.

Additionally, with the information NEW-WBC had researched, team Rodriguez successfully applied for financial support and received EIDL, EIDL Advance, two rounds of PPP, and CA Relief Grants to support them through the rough patches and local shutdowns. In the end, they received a loan of $350,000 to purchase the building space, saving over $1,000 each month in rent and allowing them to reinvest in more seating and kitchen space.

The NEW Women’s Business Center team is proud to partner with Zingos Tacos Al Carbon as mentors and friends, and will continue to offer support whenever it is needed. If your business is seeking financial aid, mentorship, training, or a network of allies, contact the NEW-WBC and add our success to your own.

Call (213) 483-2060 or visit www.new-wbc.org to schedule a consultation.

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