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Karla Rojas and her family came from Venezuela. She came with dreams and her family’s traditional recipes. Once they settled in their new home, Karla started to look for ways to generate an extra income. She also needed to stay home and take care of her 2 year old son. She decided to begin selling “Xmas ham-bread”, a traditional Venezuelan delicacy for the holidays.
The venture was a success and gave her the confidence to offer more products. Clients responded very well to her baking goods and business started to take-off. Her business began to grow fast and the need for formal licenses and permits was necessary. Karla soon found out she needed a lot of guidance regarding the proper management of a food business. She and her husband sought information and help from the NEW Women’s Business Center.
NEW-WBC, made it possible for Karla and her husband to receive specialized sessions for their specific business needs. Certified experts in the food industry assessed them. They had access to trainings on business management, food industry licenses and permits, information on access to financial help and so much more. They also took it on their own to register for many of our free webinars on book keeping, marketing and online sales, because they are committed to grow a strong-successful business.
123! Snack has been providing excellent delivery, pick-up and catering services but they are ready for more. They are currently preparing to launch their Bakery! They are working hard on this new season for their business. Their new plans include a strong marketing campaign for their star-product… the delicious “Tequeños”. They traditionally are made with cheese only, but 123! Snack has reinvented them in a variety of amazing flavors: guava, jalapeño, bacon, Nutella and chocolate of course!
NEW WBC has provided Karla 7 consulting sessions with focus on food-business management; she has also attended 17 webinars on different topics that go from cash flow to online sales. She was also able to formalize her business as a Small Corporation. All this has resulted in the creation of a new business, giving her a sustainable income… 123! Snack is ready to open!
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Libia Berbesi
Spanish Program Manager

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