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Ms. Socorro Manzano is the owner of Tacos Manzano, a cozy and proud establishment that started just when the pandemic crisis erupted in 2020. But Ms. Manzano rose to the challenge, and, looking for all the help she could get she received a special contract from the city of Los Angeles where she could prepare dozens of ready to eat meals for distribution to people who faced difficulty accessing food during the Pandemic. Those resources kept the business afloat, but it was Ms. Manzano’s determination and ingenuity that help Tacos Manzano not only recover but thrive where many other businesses couldn’t.
From the beginning Ms. Manzano recognized the importance of incorporating new technologies into her business. When the Pandemic forced most of her customers indoors, she already had her website up and running and was more flexible than the competition in adapting to the new Pandemic reality. When many businesses closed their doors, Tacos Manzano took its business online. That vision was critical to its survival in 2020 jus as it is now.
Ms. Manzano contacted our NEW-Women Business Center in early 2021 and with the help and guidance of our counselors strengthened her online presence, and, through our WBC in Canoga got a spot in the Restaurant Revitalization Fund and Marketing Program. These days, Tacos Manzano is a little more stable than it was in the heigh of the Pandemic, but Ms. Socorro knows the importance of always being two steps ahead with her business. She reached out to us once again for further training and now she is preparing to launch her latest Marketing Campaign to reach a whole new host of customers that will get to know all the delicious dishes and options she offers us at Tacos Manzano.
We wish her all the best with her goals.
Maura Smith
Food Industry Program Organizer

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