Language Is Not A Barrier For Business Success

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Reina Morales Garcia as a young girl working with her mother selling merchandize in a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico, always had a dream that one day she one day would own and manage her own business.  Even with all the trials and tribulations of immigrating from her home state to the United States, she never lost vision of what she wanted in her life.

She fell in love with Agustin Gomez who would find a job as a plumber’s assistant while she worked odd jobs to pay their financial obligations.  In short time, Augustin mastered histrade and Reina saw that his attention to detail and professionalism would be key for them to start their own plumbing business. With enough English knowledge and repetitive study of the right answers, he was able to get his plumber’s license and they decided to forge ahead on their own business path and launched Tingo’s Plumbing in honor of the two Augustin’s in the house; father & son. It is also how their name is said in Mixe, his native dialect.

Reina has always remembered her Mom’s advice to never stop learning and seek help whenever she needed it.  She took a full-time job to supplement the income that Augustin used to make and at night she would search the internet for accounting tutorials and how to keep the financial records of her business.  Her desire to be an effective business manager

led her to the Women’s Business Center and found the answers and business guidance that she was looking for through Libia Berbesi and her Latina Biz Team. )

After much discussion, Agustin & Reina decided to take the next big business challenge and seek a $ 220,000 Loan for the purchase of 3 trucks and working capital. They booked an appointment with me and The Small Business Lending Support Team ( )   to see if we could give them a loan ready assessment of Tingo’s Plumbing.

I was very impressed by the company’s growth and how they quickly made 6 figures in Gross Sales and currently are projecting to make 10 times that milestone mark which puts them in a great position to be able to obtain the loan they are seeking.  They will only need to complete their business plan.

Tingo’s Plumbing does not advertise, use social medial, flyers or other standby marketing at this time that is traditionally recommended for all business to grow because as Reina says, “our business has grown one customer at a time”.  They are very wise to know that timing is key for the success of every business and that 100% customer satisfaction is what creates repeat business and trying to grow too fast is when businesses cut corners and lose customers.

Reina can be reached at

Continued success Augustin & Reina! 😊

Ric Sáenz

Financial and General Business Manager

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