“We Teach With Care”

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Kamran Ford is no stranger to adversity.  At the young age of 14, he had to move to Germany and lived in a boarding school and be self-sufficient.

He launched The Hills Driving School to offer his extensive background in Aerospace and demanding driving training he received in Germany to Southern California and use his 4 core business principles… “Teach with Care”, “Treat his employees with Respect”, Offer safest driving techniques”, and have Professionalism. Kamran says he will hire the best and most experienced student instructors, new cars with 5 star crash ratings, and the process will be easy and headache free.

Using this link, https://neworg.ecenterdirect.com/events?reset=1 Kamran was able to find the Webinar I facilitate “How To Succeed In Getting A KIVA Loan” on Wednesdays at 3pm  and quickly was able to get a $ 6,500 Crowdlending Loan which helped him put the special touches he needed to create his special attention getting Driving School Business Logo on his vehicle.

Through personal experiences of seeing parents lose a child in tragic accidents that could have been prevented with proper driving training,  was the motivation to launch The Hills Driving School.

“I greatly appreciate so much the mental support, encouragement and resources I received at the Women’s Business Center and The Small Business Lending Support Team.”

Please visit his website at https://www.thehillsdriving.com/

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