“If you don’t succeed the first time, try and try again.”

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“When I discovered the Women’s Business Center, I not only learned incredible valuable tools, I found a wonderful community of people to help me” Gayle Gluck

This popular saying of perseverance is at the core business belief of Gayle Gluck in wanting her Power2 Pilates teaching studio to survive the Covid 19 business closures and restrictions.  She had planned to have her Grand Opening March 2020.

Not wanting to give up even though her personal finances were diminishing as she continued to pay her studio lease and keep her staff employed at a cost of close to $ 300,000, she knew there would a be light at the end of the dark tunnel and the The Small Business Lending Support at the Women’s Business Center in Canoga Park provided the resources she needed to make her loan ready. Following my suggestion, she became an avid webinar taker using this link,  https://neworg.ecenterdirect.com/events?reset=1 She was a constant fixture at our Banking, Financial Statements and Business Plan Webinars and worked really hard on putting together a strong Business Plan.

In the fall of 2022, her subscription-based membership took off and her gross sales showed a 400% increase!  I immediately recommended her business to 3 lenders that I thought would be an easy loan to make but it proved just the opposite.  However, with every denial, we became more determined to find the right home that would support the continuing financial growth P2 Power Pilates was experiencing.  We finally found success with TMC Community Capital and the team of Daniel, Mayra and Natalie who understood Gayle’s business model, character, and business acumen that they approved her for a $ 40,000 loan.

P2 Power Pilates is now in preliminary talks with investors to expand, continue branding the company and offer what she knows best in “creating an environment where diverse students love the community feeling of achieving optimum health”.

Write to Gayle at info@pilates2.co  and schedule a visit to her P2 Power Pilates Studio in Culver City! 😊

Ric Sáenz                                                                                                Financial and General Business Manager                                                                                                   If you live in the LA County and want to make a Loan/ Business Counseling Appointment, use the link below. 

https://newwbc.setmore.com/ricsaenz                                                                                                         Rsaenz@neworg.us

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