The Greatest Success Of All Is Educating All Our Young Children For College

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“Without The Women’s Business Center, I never would have known how to navigate getting the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan!” ~Regina Thomas

Whitney Houston sang these beautiful words penned by Linda Creed, “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way…”

Regina Thomas, a proud native Californian, had a student in a special needs class ask her a profound question, “How can I go to an Ivy League college like you, Ms. Thomas?” That student’s question changed her life.  Conscious and Complete (CAC) formerly, College Admissions Counselors, was born 6 months later with only an $800 investment. The bottom line for Regina is that she wanted to prevent all students, especially the disenfranchised, from falling through the cracks and thus losing all hope of their dream to go to college.

Her experience as a teacher working with high School children taught her that they also need Life Coaches just like adults. Everyone needs a cheerleader in their lives. Our youth could use a Tony Robbins to change their mindsets and see a future full of possibilities. However, many of the school districts she pitched her program of resiliency and mindset change of “no can do to a YES can do”, were reluctant to contract her company choosing to focus primarily on academics. In public schools within many underserved communities, the ratio of students to counselors is 1:200, resulting in an average of 15 minutes of facetime with a counselor. This lack of communication leaves high School students without proper guidance to be prepared with all the needed documentation to apply to college, fill out a job application or do proper research for a future career. It is this void that CAC fills for students.

After 20 years in education, parents have nicknamed her the “Youth Whisperer” due to her innate ability to communicate with teenagers. Regina feels “one of the biggest challenges in the field of youth transformation is helping them believe in themselves despite the influences of social media, adults and even their peers. Get the mind right and everything else falls into place.” 

Conscious and Complete (CAC),  is now dedicated to reaching out to indigenous communities of Uganda, East Africa utilizing her Responsible Charity Model© which helps put money back into the hands of Africans. For more information, visit    

You can reach Regina Thomas directly via her email @ or

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