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Dear Warrior Family,

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act. While women have served in the military dating as far back as the Revolutionary War, it was not until President Truman signed the Act on June 12th, 1948, that women were finally allowed to serve in the Armed Forces in a full capacity allowing women to retire and access veterans’ benefits.

Some thirty years later, Navy Captain Kathleen Bruyere would join 5 other women in a suit against the Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of Defense, to strike down this very law as unconstitutional. In all its progress — the law forbade women from serving on ships among other military occupations.

Captain Bruyere was recently memorialized at the Jennifer Moreno Veterans Affairs Medical Facility in San Diego. Her fight for women’s rights afforded thousands of women to serve aboard ships, promote competitively with their peers, and eventually opened up doors for women to “legally” serve in combat, just as Jennifer Moreno did.

As we celebrate this milestone anniversary of the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act, may we be reminded that progress is not made all at once or irrevocably, but it is made in increments and sometimes only as the era allows. That even something as monumental as this first step, the law’s passage some 75 years ago still held women back from achieving their full potential. Might we remember the struggle of our sisters and all the small but mighty wins along the way, for the cost of true liberty for all, remains the continuous fight.   

I hope you’ll join us today in celebrating this milestone in American history!

Here’s a few ways to celebrate:  

  1. Register for a free online viewing of Unsung Heroes on June 21, 2023 HERE
  2. Share a story about a woman veteran that has inspired you and tag us @ffwomenwarriors on social media 
  3. Make a donation to honor and empower women veterans HERE
  4. Show your commitment and support to the women veteran community by signing up to run the Marine Corps Marathon or 10k on Team FFWW HERE

  With gratitude,

  Jodie M. Grenier

  USMC Veteran 

  Chief Executive Officer

  Foundation for Women Warriors 

Ruth Garcia-Corrales

NEW-WBC, Program Director

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