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We help clients find access to capital through Loans, Crowdlending and Grants by offering training & coaching through Entrepreneurial Webinars and one on one Counseling.

We highly recommend that you visit our upcoming entrepreneurial webinars on our website that may help you in putting your business in a stronger position to receive a Grant or a Loan using this link and scroll down


The Grants below have deadlines so please make sure you read the requirements thoroughly and apply accordingly. If the links do not activate, please copy and paste to your browser.

 Economic Workforce Development Department 

Monitor the following website for upcoming Grants. This website has provided the most grants of any organization in Los Angeles and maybe a Fourth Round of  $ 5,000 Grants will happen again.  See below….

1.    PepsiCo’s Impacto Hispanic Business Accelerator

PepsiCo’s Impacto program was designed to empower Hispanic food entrepreneurs to overcome systemic disparities and grow their enterprises. In 2023, Impacto will provide 100 Hispanic entrepreneurs with a full suite of free program offerings, including:

2.    LA Optimized

The City of Los Angeles Economic Workforce and Development Department (EWDD) in partnership with the Mayor’s Office and Council Districts with Braven Agency as Lead Operator are digitizing Los Angeles small businesses with LA Optimized!

LA Optimized will help small businesses adapt to this rapidly changing shift in consumer behavior and technological advances by assisting Small Businesses optimize their businesses for online sales and marketing by:

3.   LA County Performance Recovery Grant

Is a new grant initiative designed to support the region’s dynamic performing arts sector. Through this initiative, the LA County Department of Arts and Culture will deliver $1.2 million in one-time funding to artists, independent producers, and organizations that have a demonstrated history of developing, producing, and/or presenting work in the performing arts disciplines such as dance, music, theater, and folk and traditional arts.

4.  Pledge LA Fund Founders Fund

The Pledge LA Founders Fund was created to directly address the systemic barriers that Black and Latinx entrepreneurs face when seeking capital for their companies. We help founders with demonstrated traction increase recurring revenue, find follow-on capital, and build community with their peers.

5.    Hello Alice- Great Resource For Small Business Grants

Discover small business grants for every stage of your small business adventure, recommended based on your unique profile and delivered to your inbox weekly. The search for free money doesn’t get any easier!

This organization partners with major companies that are offering specialized Grants.


Find out everything you need to know about the ATSB program, including who is eligible to apply, how winners are chosen, and how your business can enter to win a $25K cash prize.

7.    14 Small Business Grants for Women Entrepreneurs

8. Bank of America® Down Payment Grant Program

The program is designed to drive business growth and generational wealth opportunities for women and minority-owned small to mid-sized businesses.

Please email me when you complete the application.

9.  Minority Business Message Board

Discover the power of the Minority Business 365 Message Boards and see how our 300,000 members can benefit you AND your small business!

10.  Amber Grants 

“The Foundation awards $10,000 to a different women-owned business every month.  There are also $ 10.000 Monthly Grants for Startups, Non-profits, and Business Category.     At the end of each year, 2 of the 12 grant winners are awarded an additional $ 25,000.


If you need a quick Loan from $ 1,000 to $ 36,000 with no Financial Documentation @ 0% for 12-36 months, you may want to consider applying to the organizations below.

1.    Kiva Los Angeles

Since 2005 KIVA has been helping borrowers crowd-Lend up to $ 15,000 @ 0% with payment terms of 12-36 months depending on the Loan you are awarded.

Sign up for “How to Succeed In Getting a Kiva Loan” Webinar June, 14th

@ 3pm

2.    Jewish Free Loan Association

114 Year Non-profit organization helping all communities with 0% Loans up to $ 36,000 if your FICO credit score is above 580 and can get 2 co-signers that have a FICO credit score above 680. With One Co-signer, you can receive a loan up to $ 7,500.  No need for Financial Statements, Business Plan or Taxes.  1 Virtual interview is all you will need to be prepared for.       

3.  The Black Cooperative Investment Fund (BCIF) information.

Founded in 2016 and launched in January 2017, the Black Cooperative Investment Fund (BCIF) is a a 501(c)3, community-based organization rooted in self-help economics that provides microloans to the Black community through pooled dollars and raises awareness about the importance of economic empowerment, equity, and wealth building for the Black community.

4. The Small Business Loan Guarantee Program

IBank’s Small Business finance Center features a loan guarantee program designed to assist small businesses that experience capital access barriers. The Small Business Loan Guarantee program encourages lenders to provide funds to small businesses to help them grow and prosper.

Remember, to always share your Business Successes with me via email should you make any financial improvements to your business like buying any equipment, hiring a new employee, paying for a business consultation, receiving a Loan, Grant, or any other Business Capital.

If you live in LA County and want to schedule a Loan/Business appointment, please use this link                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Thank you! 

Ric Sáenz

Financial and General Business Manager

(For Appointment)

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