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Creativity That Flows From the Heart

For Yesenia Cortes, having her own flower business was a very distant dream. She was introduced to the flower arrangements business when she worked for a famous flower shop in Glendale, California. She had been hired to clean the premises and the flowers.
It happened that the owner was hospitalized, and she was given the opportunity to make arrangements based on photographs. The photograph thing did not work for her. Yesenia began to make the arrangements to her liking. The clients began to have a preference for the arrangements that she made. Later, the flower shop moved to Fresno, and Yesenia was left without her job.
She continued to make arrangements on her own and sell them on the street, at swap meets, and among her acquaintances. Her clients and friends always praised her creativity and innovation when making arrangements. This encouraged her to pursue the opportunity to open her own flower shop.
On November 20, 2022, Yesenia opened her business in the city of Pacoima, “YES MIA Flowers.”  “YES” for her name Yesenia and “MIA” because the arrangements are original. “The designs just flow from my heart; I don’t copy them,” Yesenia Cortes emphasizes.
Yesenia is very talented as a designer of floral arrangements and decorations for events. But a business also requires essential operations, marketing, accounting, and sales strategy. This world was totally new to her, and she was challenged. The NEW WBC team has been one of her supporters when it comes to her training as an entrepreneur. 
You can find Yes Mia at 11408 Herrick Avenue in Pacoima, California. You can place orders at 323-329-6029. You can also find her on social networks at Instagram, yesmia_flowers, and on Facebook as Yes Mia.
This graduation season, we encourage you to visit YES MIA Flowers for beautiful and innovative arrangements and corsages for graduating seniors.
By Lilian Alger

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