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Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs

The Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs is a networking group created for Hispanic women in business. The Spanish Program, Latina Biz, at NEW Women’s Business Center saw fit to begin a networking group where our Spanish-speaking clients could have a space to promote their business ventures, receive business training, and have access to very important information regarding funding. Serving primarily women in the San Fernando Valley area.

The group meets on the first Tuesday of every month at our Canoga Park office. We are enthusiastic about this project as we see that the word is spreading and our clients are also bringing other entrepreneurs to the meetings. We are confident we will be able to assist women firsthand in overcoming unique challenges in the business world and be better prepared to take the lead in their businesses and achieve success.

Like all our programs, participating in this meeting has no charge.

If you want to join this Spanish-speaking network group, check our event calendar to find the details of our next meeting at new-wbc.org/eventos/

This networking meeting is a chance for you to showcase your talents, expand your network, and discover new opportunities. Come and network with other women entrepreneurs who can inspire you, support you, and challenge you to grow your business.

By Lilian Alger

Libia Berbesi

Spanish Program Manager



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