Fresilandia Child Care: Two dreams!

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Lynda Garcia is a young Latina mother of two kids, a 10 years old girl and 4 years old boy. She used to work in the airport cleaning airplanes, leaving her kids on daycare during her work time. She thought if she could start a Child Care business, not only she could take care of her kids but also help other moms with their kids. She and her husband bought a house and that was the perfect moment for Lynda to start organizing herself in order to open her business, learn about the requirements to get a Child Care License in California and search for business trainings. 

Fresilandia, it means Strawberry’s Land, is the name of the childcare that Lynda and her sibilings attended in their native country, Venezuela. She said they were so happy in that place and naming her business Fresilandia is a way to honor those memories.

On May 2022 she learned about the NEW WBC and started to take some of the trainings and receive information about how to manage a child care business. When she got her Child Care License she needed to register her business and she found on the NEW WBC the help to file her LLC.

NEW WBC has provided her 7 trainings, including the 5 Module Training Program Comienza tu guarderia en casa (Start your child care in your house), two counseling sessions and the technical assistance to register her business as an LLC.

Lynda says: “ I’ve always loved to take care of kids, having this business is a great opportunity to do what I love at the same time I am able to be with my children and produce an income for my family. With this business I achieved two dreams: Having my own home and my business. I am grateful with the NEW WBC support that I have received”  

Libia Berbesi

Spanish Program Manager


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