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Nikishia is the owner of Samson7arts where she creates and develops custom handmade Ankara clothing; her designs are unique and for a modern woman.  Nikisha started her own business reselling Ankara print products because she loves bright and vibrant colors, she started reselling clothing and with time saw the need to create custom-made pieces as her clients were struggling with the sizing so she decided to offer a service where her clients would get a product, they could not find in stores being authentic and making every single person unique. 
WebinarsThe Made in LA webinars have given Nikishia tools to comprehend Marketing and PR which has allowed her to make better use of social platforms, communicate her message to her clients, and has learned to market her product overall in a productive manner to help the brand be recognized and provide awareness for the business. WorkshopsThe Made in LA Workshop directed Nikishia to understand better the fashion industry as a business, giving her the tools to comprehend what happens when you own a studio and the difference between custom-made or sending to manufacture; all webinars have enhanced her knowledge from accounting, costing your fashion brand, blogging, marketing and building her own website properly and participated in the pitching competition which was been instrumental in the current growth process as a business owner and this helped her be a grant winner, The THRIVE grant which opened Nikishias eyes to the possibilities for Samson7arts clothing line. CapitalNikishias capital funding started with $6,170 dollars,  She has been able to employ herself as a part-timer and invested in materials and supplies she needs to continue investing in marketing. 

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