Women Moving Forward

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Last week the National Association for Women’s Business Centers celebrated the 25th anniversary of its creation with the conference Women Moving Forward. This leadership conference conveys a strong message on the women the WBCs serve who are business leaders, creating jobs and fostering innovation every day in the US. Also, as civic and community leaders.
This year the WBCs celebrated the 35th anniversary of the creation of the Women’s Business center program, it was then that the Women’s Ownership Act became law, looking to level the field by eliminating the discriminatory barrier to capital and setting the resources in motion to help women start and grow their businesses. During this conference the leaders of the WBCs visited the Senate and the House of Representatives taking entrepreneurial policy priorities such as the modernization, fund and leverage of the WBC program at SBA to carry it into the 21st Century. Create Access to Capital opportunities for women entrepreneurs, expand opportunities for women-owned small businesses through open government and foreign markets and many others. 

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