A passion for uncommon and unique merchandises transformed in a successful business

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SILO SURPLUS is a division of, SILO TECH INC., specialized as a full-time global supplier of pre-owned lab equipment, unique and or discontinued parts, industrial materials, and antiques. This includes but is certainly not limited to: parts and components for vacuum systems, industrial processing equipment, piezoelectric crystals, metal alloys, electronics, radios, and by far our largest stock, optics and materials of famous microscope brands.

Maura Smith and her husband learned early that the best way for an immigrant in the USA to achieve the American Dream is to start a business that generates income and provides independence from a permanent job. In 2000 living in NY, due to a Maura’s husband work accident, they were forced to look for extra income. They started selling personal valuables such as their books, however the lack of transportation made them to evaluate online options and that’s how they found the eBay platform. 

They tried buying and selling few things and realized that antique radios and collectibles were highly sought after products and for which people were willing to pay a good price. The experience and great engineering knowledge of Maura’s husband, as well as his passion for unique and special things, led them to discover a high-value niche such as the secondary market of spare parts for measuring equipment and microscopes for laboratories.

After two moves one to Pennsylvania and another (finally) to California they learned that to grow their online business they needed to have a physical space. In 2012, in California they formalized Silo Tech Inc., and rented a house to be able to operate their business, after 5 years they were able to rent a warehouse.  From where Silo Tech has expanded, also incorporating PayPal as a form of payment and a website that links to the online store on eBay. They have dedicated themselves to study and research how e-commerce works, that experience gave them an advantage during the Covid pandemic, since while others had to learn how to have an online business they already had the tools and the appropriate business model.

“Knowing the NEW WBC gave me the opportunity to meet in person with other entrepreneurs, nourish myself with their experiences, and collaborate with my knowledge with those who needed to know that It is possible to have an online business and scale it using technological tools. Likewise, the NEW WBC allowed me to have access to alternative sources of financing such as SBA and PPP loans during the pandemic”.

Ric Sáenz                                                                                          
Business Consultant                                                                              

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