“SOCKcess Story: From Slippery Socks to Winning Hearts and First Place!”

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The mind behind Hidey Socks belongs to a young entrepreneur who was tired of a common but frustrating problem—socks that just wouldn’t stay in place while walking around in flats, shoes, heels, or any type of footwear. Frustrated by the constant slipping and discomfort, this entrepreneur decided to take matters into her own hands. Hidey Socks, the innovative designer anklet sock that guarantees to stay in place while adding style, wasn’t born in a corporate boardroom or a high-tech lab. It was born out of a simple yet ingenious idea by its founder, Shannon Kehrer, a determined and creative entrepreneur who saw a problem and turned it into a successful business venture. At the tender age of 19, Shannon plunged into a journey to solve this timeworn sock difficulty. She recognized that countless others were struggling with the same frustrating sock problem she was facing. This is when she knew that she had stumbled upon something more significant than just a personal solution. Armed with a pair of ankle socks and a vision, she crafted the Hidey Sock design that we know today. The key was a simple yet effective anklet attachment that ensured the sock would never slip off. Topped with gorgeous swarovski crystals around the anklet, it was a eureka moment, and it worked like a charm. Building a business from scratch is never easy, especially for a young entrepreneur like Ms. Kehrer. That’s where the NEW-Women’s Business Center helped in making the entrepreneurial journey smoother and more attainable.Through the organization’s Fashion program, general business courses, one on one consultations, and resources tailored to her business needs, she found the support necessary to navigate the complex world of entrepreneurship successfully.   With passion, dedication, and the support of NEW-Women’s Business Center, she was given the opportunity to join the NEW-WBC’s Fashion Pitching Competition of 2023. The competition was fierce, with talented designers and entrepreneurs from all over Los Angeles vying for the top spot. The judges were captivated not only by the stylish and practical design but also by her  journey and determination. When the winners were announced, there was no doubt who had claimed the first-place spot—Hidey Socks had emerged victorious! “The resources and community I (and thousands of others) have received from NEW-WBC is life changing. My business and  life wouldn’t be as successful without this wonderful team. Forever grateful.Thank you!” – Shannon Kehrer
Mary ClarkProgram AssistantAntelope Valley | Women’s Business Centerp: (213) 374-0498 mclark@neworg.us

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