A Couple’s Journey from Local Party Supply Business to Thriving Export Success 

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In the heart of downtown LA, almost two decades ago, a determined and passionate couple set out on a journey to become wholesale distributors of party supplies. Their enterprise, La Fiesta Party Supplies  began as a modest party supply store and has now evolved into a successful export business reaching Mexico and Central America, what made them win the SBA Award of Exporter of the Year in 2019.. The inspiring story of this couple showcases the strength and resilience that can emerge from the most challenging circumstances.
Aracely and Alfredo, the faces behind this remarkable success, have overcome many obstacles to grow their business. They have struggled through Covid19 pandemic, the riots because of the George Floyd incident, and a fire that forced them to close and threatened to shut them down for good. They started their business with limited resources, but their unwavering dedication and commitment to their dream made them look into information and resources the SBA had for small businesses. As the years passed, their business flourished, and they expanded their product range to cater to a broader audience. They are even creating opportunities for other entrepreneurs. Aracely’s brother opened a second location of their store in Las Vegas.
However, their story takes an unexpected turn. Almost 2 years ago, tragedy struck once again when Aracely was involved in a terrible accident that left her with severe injuries. Alfredo found himself in the position of managing their business, their household and caring for their children. This daunting task would have overwhelmed many, but Alfredo and Aracely’s bond and resilience proved to be stronger than any adversity they faced.Although Aracely is not yet recovered, the couple decides to face the business world with a newfound perspective. They had overcome challenges that would have shattered most individuals, but they had emerged stronger, more determined, and united. They seized the opportunity to promote their exporting to Mexico and Central America, a testament to their incredible journey. Today, Aracely and Alfredo’s party supply business stands as a shining example of the power of love and resilience. Their journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs who dream of going global. 
You have the opportunity to hear from Alfredo himself at our Heritage Hispanic Celebration Event, next October 19th. He and John Ismerio, will be hosting a special conversation where Alfredo will share first-hand information on going global. You might think exporting is only for manufactured items, but… did you know that services also apply? Come and meet the people, organizations, and contacts that can make going global a reality for your business while you delight in authentic Mexican dishes inspired by Oaxacan cuisine.
Join us at this magnificent event this coming Thursday, October 19, at 1:00 PM. The event location is Chiguacle Restaurant at Placita Olvera in downtown LA. Click the button to buy your ticket and reserve your spot.

by Lilian C. Alger

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