Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

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Date: October 19th
Time: 1:00PM -4:00PM
Location: Chiguacle Restaurant, Placita Olvera
The Hispanic Heritage Celebration is an opportunity for us to come together and honor the rich cultural heritage and contributions of the Hispanic and Latino communities. This event promises to be a vibrant and enlightening experience, featuring a diverse array of activities, performances, and insightful discussions.One of the highlights of our celebration will be a panel discussion featuring clients who have have experience in their companies exporting to other countries. Their expertise and experiences will provide invaluable insights into the challenges and triumphs faced.
ModeratorsJohn Dulop – Itradedigital –  He is responsible for software design and training of Trade Management Specialists to help lead the global transition to digital transactions and documentation in international trade.
Panelists:          Natashia Miyazaki – Natashia – An accomplished fashion designer, with an impressive international career spanning London, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles, Natashia has worked with a diverse range of brands, solidifying her reputation as an industry leader. Having honed her skills working for heritage brands like Ralph Lauren, denim powerhouse and Guess jeans.
Paradis Khalilian – Enigma Tech – passionate business owner with a strong focus on the dynamic Middle Eastern market. She has dedicated to the art of international sales, specializing in bridging the gap between cultures and markets.
Melissa Scot – Modefywear – 20 years working as an Olympic coach and seeing women with a religious background at a disadvantage because activewear wasn’t designed for full-coverage, Melissa Scott decided to take action and equalize the playing field for all women. She started designing competitive wear for many national sporting federations as a private label and started her own company, Modefywear.
We are honored to have such accomplished individuals sharing their wisdom and perspectives with us. Their collective knowledge promises to inspire and educate us about the rich opportunities in Exporting.
We look forward to your presence and participation in this joyous celebration. Together, let us embrace and appreciate the diverse heritage that shapes our society.

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