“Happy Children” – The Vision of Pauly Flores

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Flores Learning Child Care is an in-home business providing more than just a child care service. Its owner, Pauly Flores, has the vision to contribute to the education of happy children, who will grow up to be future doctors, engineers, architects, astronauts, and other professionals committed to creating a better world. Their program includes basic skills and academics using age-appropriate, hands-on, and mind-on activities. Pauly is bilingual in English and Spanish, giving her the opportunity to reach and serve more families in our community.

Pauly was inspired to consider opening an in-home child care when she observed that her grandchildren would cry when taken to daycare. She began caring for them at home, and since she considers “community” as one of her personal values, she thought of establishing a daycare in her own home. She wanted to help families and provide for her own. She loved the idea of caring for children and ensuring they felt safe and happy in daycare. She began the process of getting her license and registering her business. She opened the doors of her daycare in 2016 in the city of Sylmar.

“It gives me great satisfaction when children come and leave happy. Parents can go off to work with that peace. With a childcare business, I can help the community and contribute to my family right from home. What stops us is fear. Fear binds us. Every business has its risks. Let’s risk being entrepreneurs and our bosses.” – Pauly Flores

Pauly states that her greatest challenge was to look for customers and promote her business. She felt embarrassed to give out business cards or flyers. She did not want to talk to people about her business and offer them her services. She needed the confidence to dream big for her business and act on it.

She attended has received counseling from Ruth Garcia-Corrales, NEW WBC Program Director. Ruth helped her see the urgent needs of her business and the steps she had to take to have a successful business. She was very grateful because she obtained clarity and an action plan.

The technical assistance given by NEW Women’s Business Centered resulted in the expansion and growth of her business. She went from one shift with two children in January of 2023 to having two shifts and 14 children in September of this same year. Creating a new job in the process since Pauly needed to hire an assistant.

“I thought I had a lot of experience and knew everything about the business, but after being an active client at the NEW WBC, I realize that there are many things I still have to learn in order to keep growing a successful business. I encourage others to open the door to learning more about how to start or grow a business.” –Pauly Flores

The workshops and all the business-related information and education she has received have enabled her to make more informed decisions and produce results. She now confidently promotes her business and mentors others who want to open a daycare or any business.  Pauly continues attending our webinars to learn more about managing and promoting a business and is also an active collaborator in the NEW WBC’s Childcare Program.

by Lilian C. Alger

Business Consultant

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