“Stone Clothes” by Lorraine Vidal

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Lorraine Vidal is a young and creative entrepreneur. She has a College Degree in Graphic Design and a passion for fashion. She managed to fuse her expertise in graphic design, her liking for rhinestones and sparkles, and her passion for fashion with her creative nature. The result is enchanting and fashionable designer pieces! 

Lorraine had a vision and art in her hands, but she lacked the knowledge to manage a business. She tried to structure the business on her own and could not make it. She also needed clarification regarding the necessary permits or licenses. Lorraine sought information and help from the NEW Women’s Business Center. Here she learned about the Made in LA fashion program and the Spanish Program, which gave her the workshops and consultations she needed in her mother language.

With the help of the NEW WBC team, she was able to register her business and learn the basics of structuring and administrating her business. She also became one of our top vendors. She is present almost in every Expo event. Here she makes new clients, meets other entrepreneurs, promotes her business, and sells her beautiful fashion creations. She also received information about financial resources to expand her business and much need strategies for marketing and sales. 

NEW WBC has provided Lorraine with 47 counseling sessions with 17 follow-up sessions. She has attended 22 web seminars and participated as a vendor in 4 events. She also acquired the licenses and permits she needed to operate as a formal business in California (this even allowed her to apply for The California Dream Fund Grant). She was awarded the grant, which she used to promote her marketing campaign both in live events and digitally. She also purchased the materials she needs for her new collections. Her involvement with NEW WBC helped her create a new business which is giving her a sustainable income. 

She is now ready to expand her business, and is working with other businesses to design their uniforms and apparel for their brands. She is currently working with gardening companies, cleaning services, and some restaurants. In this second phase, she will not only create her beautiful fashion designs, but she will be helping other businesses thrive in style! 

by Lilian C. Alger

Business Consultant 

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