Black History Month, February 13th from 11AM-1:30PM

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As we approach Black History Month, February 13th from 11AM-1:30PM, we are excited to announce an upcoming event that aims to celebrate the rich heritage and accomplishments of our community while providing valuable resources and opportunities for growth.
Our goal is to create an inclusive and empowering platform that reflects the aspirations and interests of our diverse community. To achieve this, we are extending an invitation to you to actively participate in the planning process by sharing your ideas and suggesting potential speakers for the event.
The event will feature the following key components:Network and Community Building: Opportunities for community members to connect, network, and build relationships with fellow entrepreneurs and professionals.Panel of Business Owners: An insightful panel discussion featuring successful Black business owners who will share their experiences, challenges, and insights on entrepreneurship.Certification/Doing Business with the Government Speaker: A distinguished speaker who will provide valuable insights on certifications, professional development, and the significance of building skills within our community.Access to Capital: Information and resources on accessing capital for business growth, with the aim of empowering individuals to take their entrepreneurial endeavors to new heights.We believe that your perspective and input are crucial to the success of this event. Your ideas for topics, activities, and potential speakers will contribute to creating a meaningful and impactful celebration of Black History Month.
Here’s how you can get involved:Attend our community brainstorming session on Tuesday, January 9th at 4PM, where we will gather ideas and suggestions. RSVP here 
Share your thoughts through our online survey here
We value your participation and look forward to working together to make this celebration a true reflection of our community’s strength, resilience, and achievements.Thank you for your time, and we anticipate an enriching collaboration as we come together to commemorate Black History Month.

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