Crafting Success through Vintage Fashion and Sustainable Style

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Sherry Garrison’s journey with Sloane Madison Couture is a stellar example of dedication, adaptability, and market insight in the world of vintage and pre-owned fashion. Her commitment to providing high-quality, unique clothing, shoes, and accessories while aligning with the growing consumer trend of sustainability showcases her business acumen.

Her background in Finance gives her a strategic edge, allowing her to carefully assess product costs and profit margins, thereby offering customers competitive prices. Moreover, her personalized customer service, drawn from her experience as a Production Designer for the film Another Love Story and Wardrobe Production Assistant, for TV shows such as Black-ishMix-ishYoung-ish, & Black Excellence TV adds a unique touch to her business! By offering services like personal shopping and styling, she goes beyond just selling items, creating an immersive experience for her clientele.

Sherry’s active involvement in learning and seeking guidance from organizations like NEW-WBC showcases her eagerness to grow her business. The 62 hours of training events and counseling sessions highlight her commitment to continuous improvement and staying updated with industry trends. Additionally, receiving grants to support her business underscores her dedication and the recognition of her business’s potential.

Overall, Sherry Garrison’s success with Sloane Madison Couture is a testament to her keen understanding of her niche market, her focus on customer satisfaction, and her relentless pursuit of improvement and innovation.

“I really enjoy the programs that the NEW-WBC offers. I have gained a lot of knowledge from the classes and networking. NEW-WBC has been instrumental to my business. Not only the resources but the women entrepreneurs that they bring together, it’s a place where we can connect!” – Sherry Garrison

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Poshmark: @sloanemadisonc

Mary Clark

Program Assistant

Antelope Valley | Women’s Business Center

p: (213) 374-0498 

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