Veronica Gama, the driving force behind Diverse Learning Innovations

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Diverse Learning Innovations, a venture born from compassion and shaped by Veronica Gama’s challenges she navigated in a law firm, now stands as a beacon of support and an empathetic goal for students with special needs. Veronica, the passionate owner, redirected her skills and energy to create an inclusive educational experience. With a focus on advocacy, collaboration with educators and parents, and a commitment to inclusivity, Diverse Learning Innovations aims to empower students and drive positive change in the educational landscape. Veronica’s inspiration stems from a belief in providing every young mind, regardless of unique abilities, with an environment that nurtures their potential.

Veronica, the driving force behind Diverse Learning Innovations, brings a unique perspective shaped by her experiences as a former student of the Los Angeles Unified School District and a dedicated special education teacher. Her journey is marked by a genuine passion for advocating and fostering the well-being of students, grounded in personal experiences within the education system.

In attesting her dedication, Veronica has devoted over 15 hours to consultations and training, showcasing her commitment to growing her business. According to Ms. Gama, the NEW Women’s Business Center played a vital role in the success of her business, mentioning Irene Vazquez, in particular, who was essential in guiding her through the process of establishing her business. Irene’s expertise and support were invaluable to Veronica, especially during the crucial phase of launching.

Ms. Gama’s engagement in the NEW -WBC’s Business Plan Workshop became a game changer for her. She was able to build skills in formulating a strategic business plan, in addition to offering a nurturing community of fellow entrepreneurs. She believed that the insights she acquired and the meaningful connections she was able to establish during the workshop played a key part in the growth and prosperity of Diverse Learning Innovations.

“I am immensely grateful to the NEW Women’s Business Center for being a catalyst in my entrepreneurial journey. Without their support and Irene Vazquez’s guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Their commitment to empowering women in business has made a significant impact on my ability to navigate challenges and thrive as a business owner.” – Veronica Gama

Irene Vazquez

Program Manager 


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