“You are picture perfect, You are the Filters”

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Designed in Los Angeles 

Meet Felicia Dillon, a passionate mother and designer who went on a mission to advocate for her daughter Naomi. Naomi was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder); when Felicia found out, she decided to make her own clothing brand full of awareness for the children that are on the spectrum. 

Filters is a brand for toddlers to teens that like to be fashion forward and love cool clothes and cosmetics on a budget; it started from being a cool brand to becoming a cool brand that spreads autism awarness!  She started her business when her daugther was 3 years old and has created a community full of resources that help other parents that are on the same path.

As Felicia states, “Filters has become my passion and is my mission to spread awareness and advocate for Autism Spectrum Disorder, anyone who is willing to listen, is welcome to join and support!”. 

“You are picture perfect, you are the FILTERS,” and is a powerful statement about the beauty and uniqueness of every individual; by embracing our differences, we can come together as a community and support those who are neurodiverse. 

Filters was one of the designers of the Fusion Festival that NEW-WBC promoted giving the brand a platform to show her designs on the runway and  to spread awareness for a disability that has been so overlooked due to not being a “physical disability”.

“Whether you’re shopping for a new outfit, trying out a bold makeup look, or just spreading the word about autism acceptance, Filters has everything you need to make a difference, Join the movement today and become a part of something truly inspiring!”


Marie Rangel

Fashion Program Manager



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