Empowering Black Owned Businesses

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~ Celebrating Black History Month ~ 

Our Black History Month event is February 13th, from 11AM to 2PM and we want to introduce you to our speakers for the event. This week we would like to introduce you to two more of our Small Business Black Own Panelist – Denise Buchanan and Tiffany Patterson, here is part of their story.   
Please join me, rsvp here
 Denise Buchanan
Denise Buchanan, grew up on the island of Jamaica and had a difficult childhood She remembers always enjoying spending time in the backyard amongst the fruit trees and plants and being mindful of how I felt in the garden. She worked hard and received a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in landscape architecture in Canada, and afterwards worked for a leading Architecture and Engineering firm. Her interest in human behavior led her to pursue a Masters and PhD in Psychology and her unique inter-disciplinary approach to design was soon featured on Home and Garden Television. After many requests for her design services, she decided to start my own business, Sacred Garden Designs, Inc. For over 15 years she has pursued a career committed to transforming the world in which we live through lecturers and working with individuals and communities on minimizing the impact of drought, climate change, food insecurity, growing populations and deforestation in urban landscapes while maximizing the creation of more useful and livable urban environments centered around tree planting, sustainable land management and community economic viability especially in the under-served areas of society. 

 Tiffany Patterson
Tiffany Patterson is a former data engineer and product owner, who enjoys solving problems. Owning a business allows her to solve problems on my terms and without the corporate challenges that make innovating a slow, painful process.
Tiffany started Cowrie.  No brick-and-mortar location; it’s a digital startup based in Los Angeles and NYC.

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