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A Woman’s Story of Starting a Cleaning Business in Memory of Her Mother

Arminda Elizabeth Martinez-Menendez founded M&M Maintenance and Cleaning Service. She wants to continue her mother’s legacy, inspiration, and passion to provide the best cleaning services. Her core values follow after: “Do What You Say,” “Never Give Up,” and “Go Above and Beyond Expectations.” Arminda has a one-stop commercial cleaning company that serves Los Angeles County. Arminda is an immigrant from El Salvador. Her mother worked endless hours cleaning to provide Arminda and her brothers with a decent education in El Salvador and the opportunity to have a better life in the United States.

She founded her commercial cleaning business in January 2016. Arminda’s mother inspired this venture. She wanted to honor her mother’s efforts to give her family a better life. Arminda tells us, “I started M&M Maintenance and Cleaning Service after my mother passed away. Her name was Maria Elena Martinez, and she came from where M&M came from. My mother was a housekeeper. I always wanted her to begin her own business, but it never happened. The business I started made my mother’s dream come true: to have her children work together and prosper together.”

Her company began to grow, and this brought challenges. Arminda started looking for organizations that would offer business workshops and mentoring. She found the NEW Women’s Business Center and started attending webinars regarding Business Plans, pricing, and much more. She enrolled in various programs and is now becoming a real CEO for her business. In her words, “NEW Women’s Business Center has empowered me as a businesswoman. I can identify areas for improvement in my business, and I am confident that from now on, I will be able to make better decisions regarding the business finances, marketing, and pricing my services right.”

Reflecting on the significance of entrepreneurship, Arminda finds profound fulfillment in her ability to create employment opportunities for others. Currently, she is diligently crafting her elevator pitch, recognizing its pivotal role in effectively communicating the essence of her business. Committed to mastering this essential aspect of business presentation, Arminda endeavors to consistently articulate the value proposition of M&M Maintenance and Cleaning Service with clarity and impact.

If you have maintenance and commercial cleaning needs, do not hesitate to contact Arminda and her team of trained professionals. 

By Lilian C. Alger

M&M Maintenance and Cleaning Service

Mobile (323) 810-8025 

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