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Meet Leonardo, a guy who decided to flip the script on life’s challenges in the coolest way possible. An aspiring actor, stuck in the limbo of a pesky actors’ strike, needing a plan B to keep the dream alive. So, what does Leonardo do? He kicks off a cleaning business ideation, but not just any ordinary service. No, sir. This one’s specially designed for artists and creative souls, turning their chaotic spaces into an inception of inspiration and energy. Talk about a plot twist!

Now, let’s take a glimpse of Leonardo’s backstory, which is pretty much the stuff of legends. Born in Mexico, raised in Texas, educated in Massachusetts, and chasing dreams in LA, Leo’s journey is nothing short of epic. With a bachelors in Psychology and Biology, Leo worked as a scientific researcher in Immunology and Neuroscience for some time, then in Research Administration for about a year when the COVID-19 pandemic started. His experiences working at the hospital during the pandemic inspired him to get another degree under his belt in Healthcare Administration. This was also the onset of his lowest point in life and from his own words “from which I am still healing and growing today.” It wasn’t long before he realized he was meant for something different. Something… bigger.

Leonardo is the real deal, Mexican-American, first-gen, gay, disabled, and a domestic abuse survivor with a spirit tougher than steel! In view of his diverse background in education, and even dipping his toes in acting (yep, he’s got the chops for it), he had an epiphany. Why not mash up his love for science, his artistic soul, and his life experiences into a business as unique as him!

A true entrepreneur in the making, although every hero needs a bit of help, right? That’s when the New Women’s Business Center became Leonardo’s very own squad of mentors and advisors. They rolled out the red carpet with webinars, financial advice, and personalized mentorship that helped him turn his big idea into reality. It was like finding a secret map to a treasure island, but for business success. He has accumulated over 50 hours of training and counseling events in a short period of time. Showing the power of educating oneself, he is doing this by attending as many business webinars that he can squeeze in on his busy day.

If you can see through his take on the adventure, Leo’s point of view emphasizes starring in his own blockbuster movie. Filled with unexpected turns, horrifying setbacks, and empowerment moments for a real life protagonist. The support from the New Women’s Business Organization wasn’t just helpful; it was transformational, making him feel proud, supported, and ready to conquer the world.

I have had a very positive experience because I believe that I made some authentic connections with very valuable people. I feel proud to be who I am today and also very supported by the New Women’s Business Organization.” – Leo Cuervo

So, as we close this chapter of Leonardo’s journey, remember, it’s only the beginning. With his unique blend of creativity, resilience, and heart, there’s no telling what amazing stories lie ahead. One thing’s for sure, though, Leonardo’s saga is one we’ll all want to follow.

Mary Clark

Program Assistant


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