Childcare: A Cornerstone for Economic Growth

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Childcare plays a pivotal role in shaping a robust and thriving economy, serving as the linchpin for women’s participation in the labor force. The California Network for Women’s Business Centers (CAWBC) highlights the alarming gap that California faces in replacing the childcare programs lost during the pandemic. This shortfall has led to challenges in finding affordable care for families, depriving children of early childhood education opportunities, and diminishing women’s employment rates. As California strives to recover and rebuild, it’s crucial to prioritize and invest in accessible and quality childcare solutions to support families and bolster the state’s economic resilience.

Empowering Childcare Entrepreneurs through NEW-WBC

Recognizing the significance of childcare as both a service and a business, NEW-WBC proudly offers a specialized childcare program available in both English and Spanish. These programs aim to assist clients in launching new childcare businesses, catering to the needs of diverse communities. In 2023 alone, WBCs across California played a pivotal role in assisting 439 childcare businesses, resulting in the creation of 3,427 childcare slots. Furthermore, over one million dollars in small grants and loans were distributed, predominantly benefiting women of color residing in low and moderate-income areas. Despite these strides, the sustainability of these childcare programs remains at risk due to state budget deficits.

Supporting Childcare for a Thriving Future

The invaluable support provided by WBCs to childcare providers is more crucial than ever. These providers, often women of color from low to moderate-income communities, play a vital role in offering essential care and early education to our youngest generation. As California faces challenges in rebuilding its childcare infrastructure, it’s imperative to rally behind these entrepreneurs and invest in their success. By offering business assistance and capital, WBCs empower these providers to create and sustain strong licensed childcare programs. With increased support and investment, we can ensure that more children, women, and families not only survive but thrive, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for all. Visit our website at to access our free webinars and learn how you can be part of this transformative journey.

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