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Welcome to Jun Design & Co., a boutique jewelry retailer, dedicated to crafting exceptional fine solid gold pieces that reflect the unique personalities and styles of its clientele. With a passion for uncovering distinctive finds and creating one-of-a-kind designs, Jun Design & Co. prides itself on offering high-quality, ethically sourced materials, and meticulous craftsmanship.
Leonor Gameros, the founder and owner of Jun Design & Co., is the driving force behind the brand’s philosophy of elegance, sophistication, and timeless beauty. With over two decades of experience in the jewelry industry, Leonor’s journey to success is an inspiring tale of determination, perseverance, and the pursuit of the American Dream.
As a Mexican immigrant woman, Leonor arrived in the United States with a dream to build a better life for herself and her family. Despite facing numerous challenges as a single mother, she never wavered in her pursuit of success. Starting with her life savings, she ventured into the world of sales, eventually finding her passion in the fine gold jewelry industry.
Underlying Jun Design & Co. is Leonor’s unwavering belief that with perseverance and passion, any dream is achievable. Together with her son, she has built a brand that not only offers exquisite jewelry but also serves as a symbol of joy, love, and happiness for each customer.
Leonor’s journey to success hasn’t been without its obstacles, but she has found support and guidance along the way, particularly from the NEW Women’s Business Center. Seeking an organization that would foster her personal and business growth, Leonor discovered the center through social media.
Since then, Leonor has actively participated in the center’s programs. Her discipline, determination, and motivation have enabled her to reach significant milestones, including graduating from the “Build your Business” program and preparing to participate in the Latina Biz Pitching Contest. She has received 7 business consultations, has participated in 33 webinars, and has been a participant in 7 in-person events. She has learned so much that now she encourages others to come and take advantage of all the opportunities and resources at the NEW Women’s Business Center. 
Leonor’s story serves as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and the importance of seeking support and guidance along the entrepreneurial journey. Through her involvement with the NEW Women’s Business Center, she found a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who share her passion for success. Leonor is ready to expand her wings and wants to enter the gold-jewelry wholesale world as well.
As Jun Design & Co. continues to grow and evolve, they remain committed to their mission of offering exceptional jewelry and personalized service that celebrates the uniqueness of every individual. They invite you to discover their exquisite collection and let your unique style shine. Visit her website: https://www.jundesignandco.com
Leonor’s journey is a reminder that with determination, passion, and the support of a strong community, anything is possible. Discover all the resources that NEW Women’s Business Center has for every entrepreneur or business person, and let your dreams take flight.

By Lilian C. Alger

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