Paula Carvajal: A Success Story

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**Paula Carvajal and The 29**
The Women’s Business Center (WBC) is thrilled to feature Paula Carvajal, the visionary entrepreneur behind The-29, a specialty wine boutique nestled in the heart of Pacific Palisades. Paula’s journey to success is not only inspiring but also a testament to the power of determination, strategic planning, and community support.

**Paula’s Entrepreneurial Journey:**
Paula embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with a passion for wine and a vision to create a unique experience for wine enthusiasts in Pacific Palisades. Armed with her ambition and determination, Paula set out to turn her dream into reality and attended over 40 hrs or training/ webinars at the WBC.

**Strategic Planning with Live Plan:**
To bring her vision to life, Paula utilized Live Plan, a powerful business-planning tool. With Live Plan, Paula meticulously crafted a comprehensive business plan, complete with detailed financial forecasts and a strategic roadmap for her venture. This allowed her to present a compelling case to potential investors and secure the necessary funding to fuel her dream.

**Empowerment through WBC Events:**
Paula didn’t stop at strategic planning; she actively sought out opportunities for growth and learning. Attending events at the WBC, Paula immersed herself in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts. In particular, the Women’s History Month event on March 19, 2024, proved to be a pivotal moment for Paula. There, she gained invaluable insights from women CEOs who shared their experiences and strategies for stepping into the CEO mindset.
Paula Carvajal, CEO & Paula Bahamon Mission Valley Bank VP Community Development Manager
**Stepping into the CEO Role:**
With unwavering determination and the support of her investors, Paula confidently assumed the role of CEO for The-29. Securing the perfect brick-and-mortar location for her boutique, Paula’s vision is becoming a reality. She is poised to not only fulfill her entrepreneurial dreams but also contribute significant value to the Pacific Palisades community.

 **Congratulations to Paula Carvajal:**At the Women’s Business Center, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Paula on her remarkable success. Her journey exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship, resilience, and community empowerment. We are excited to see The-29 flourish under Paula’s leadership and become a beloved destination for wine enthusiasts in Pacific Palisades.Paula Carvajal’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere, reminding us that with passion, perseverance, and strategic planning, anything is possible. We celebrate Paula’s achievements and eagerly anticipate the continued success of The-29. Cheers to Paula and her entrepreneurial journey!

Jamie Jackson, WBC Business Consultant & Paula Carvajal, CEO of The 29

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