Cheesecake and Lumpias, anyone?

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We are here to share the incredible journey of Sherille Lemus and her scrumptious food business with a sprinkle of Filipina palette, CraeZ Cravingz! Looking back, it’s October 2022, and Sherille, driven by her husband’s encouragement, takes a leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship. With a flair for baking and a passion for pleasing taste buds, she introduces her delectable churro cheesecakes to the world via Instagram.

As her cheesecakes gain a cult following, Sherille expands her menu to include irresistible flavors like Ube, S’mores, and Oreos. But like any business, she faces a few bumps along the road, with sales slowing down post-holiday season. Determined not to let setbacks hold her back, Sherille pivots her strategy, and in June 2023, she and her sister Janice debut at their first pop-up event, offering a mouthwatering array of Filipino cuisine alongside their signature desserts.

However, life throws a curveball, and Janice must relocate, leaving Sherille to navigate the business solo. Undeterred, she rolls up her sleeves and dives headfirst into the challenge, single-handedly managing every aspect of CraeZ Cravingz, from prep work to on-site cooking at events. With unwavering support from her husband, she ensures that every customer receives a top-notch culinary experience.

Sherille’s journey from nursing assistant to self-taught cook and business owner is nothing short of inspiring. Despite facing numerous obstacles along the way, her determination and passion for her craft shine through. And let’s not forget the invaluable support she received from the NEW- Women’s Business Center (NEW-WBC). With their guidance, Sherille navigated the complexities of business ownership, from obtaining health permits to fine-tuning her pricing strategy.

NEW-WBC has helped me with so many things. Consultations after consultations, I have learned and gained so much knowledge that I can apply to my business.

–      I first met with Ms. Irene who has made everything possible for me to meet with other amazing people by booking me to consult with professionals and also helped me file for my business license and how to publish it.

–      Mr. Ron who worked for the Health Department offered me information on how to obtain my health permit; including how I go about getting approved with commercial kitchens.

Lastly but not least,

–      Ms. Celeste has shown/taught me how to price my goods accordingly, what can help me to grow as a business owner, and as well as suggestions that may help me in the long run. In her words ” We need to train your business muscles so you can build a strong successful business.” – Sherille Lemus

Today, CraeZ Cravingz isn’t just a business; it’s a testament to Sherille’s resilience, creativity, and passion for her craft along with her love and dedication for her own Filipino culture. So, the next time you’re craving a taste of heaven in the form of a churro cheesecake, look no further than CraeZ Cravingz. Sherille Lemus isn’t just a baker; she’s a culinary wizard on a mission to spread joy and create mouthwatering treats Filipina style!

Irene Vazquez

Program Manager 


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