Crafted narratives in fabric, one scarf at a time.

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In a world where fashion often speaks louder than words, let me introduce you to Almudena Solana, a novelist, traveler, artist, and owner & founder of Fabric Poetry By Almudena Solana, a unique voice, a storyteller weaving tales through the delicate threads of scarves.
Fabric Poetry transcends the conventional bounds of a brand; it embodies the essence of storytelling. Through its creations, one embarks on a journey to explore diverse cultures, vibrant hues, and profound emotions. Almudena eloquently articulates, “Behind every Fabric Poetry scarf lies a story waiting to be shared, a story of passion, inspiration, and cultural exchange.” With a discerning eye, she scours the globe for textiles, each imbued with its rich narrative, tradition, and significance, seamlessly interweaving them into her creations.

In the middle of the pandemic, Almudena was on lockdown in a hotel, where an investor contacted her because had received a gift “like no other” from a shop in LA, yet even in such adversity, opportunity bloomed, this made it possible for Almudena to create her first top-notch Collection.
She has also written 4 books and Fabric Poetry will be the next someday soon!

Marie Rangel
Fashion Program Manager

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