Edith Colin’s Fluffy Paws

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A Story of Love, Care, and Success

Located in North Hills, CA, Edith Colin’s pet grooming business, “Fluffy Paws,” began out of a desire to provide a less stressful grooming experience for her dog, Fluffy. Tired of Fluffy returning from groomers stressed and frightened after long waits, Edith decided to learn to groom him herself. She enrolled in pet grooming school in January 2023 and graduated in July of the same year.

Friends and family soon sought her services, appreciating her one-pet-at-a-time approach that ensured minimal waiting and stress. As demand grew, Edith’s husband built a fully-equipped grooming station at home, complete with hot water and air conditioning.

Edith’s entrepreneurial journey took a significant step forward when she joined the NEW Business Center’s “Construye tu Sueño” (Build Your Dream) program in March 2023. This hybrid program provided her with essential business administration and marketing skills through online and in-person sessions. Edith’s dedication and innovative approach earned her second place in the program’s pitching contest, culminating in a graduation ceremony as part of the Latina Biz Conference in May 2024.

Although Fluffy has since passed away, his memory lives on through “Fluffy Paws Grooming.” Edith is now working with the NEW Women’s Business Center to secure funding for her next big project—a grooming truck, which will allow “Fluffy Paws” to offer its exceptional services on the road.

Edith’s story highlights how passion, coupled with the right support and education, can turn a dream into reality. The NEW Women’s Business Center has been instrumental in her success, providing the resources and guidance needed to navigate the challenges of running a small business.

If you are looking for a pleasant grooming experience for your cat or dog, follow Edith and contact her today at (818) 836-1449 and follow her on

Instagram @ fluffy_paws_grooming_2023

Edith’s journey from a concerned pet owner to a successful businesswoman underscores the significant impact of the NEW Women’s Business Center in empowering women entrepreneurs.

by Lilian C. Alger

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