Empress of Sound

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Check out this amazing achievement! On December 9, 2023, Ms. Dejah Gomez successfully completed the Women’s Business Centers, 12 Steps for Launching a Business training (6 webinars) and obtained a WBC certificate of completion. She also finished the three webinar classes for LivePlan to craft her business plan and apply for funding. Ms. Gomez’s business, EMPRESS OF SOUND LLC, is all about revolutionizing live entertainment by offering an immersive ceremonial concert experience that integrates sound, breathwork, meditation, and chanting for holistic well-being. Her vision was born out of a desire to provide more than just passive live music entertainment, and she has gone above and beyond to bring it to life.                                      
With a background in health and wellness, and after investing over $50,000 in education, tools, certifications in Kundalini Yoga, Holotropic Breathwork, and Hypnotherapy, Ms. Gomez is committed to offering her audience a transformative experience that extends beyond the concert. She aims to equip her audience with tangible tools for healing and well-being, creating a lasting impact. NEW Women’s Business Center has played a crucial role in Ms. Gomez’s journey, providing her with invaluable resources, workshops, and support. Her dedication and hard work have culminated in her being recognized as one of June 2024 Women’s Business Center’s person of success. Ms. Gomez’s enthusiasm and commitment to her vision are truly inspiring, and she is a shining example of leveraging available resources to turn dreams into reality.
WEBSITES: www.dejahgomez.com www.kirtipreetkaur.com IG: @dejahgomezFB: Dejah Gomez 

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