From Hero’s Ashes, Sweet Success Rises: The Story of Freeze 2 Crunch – A Family Bonded by Love

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The acrid tang of smoke still lingered in the air, a constant reminder of the day their world turned upside down. Kris, a dedicated firefighter, was rushed to the hospital after toxic fumes damaged his lungs. Weeks turned into a terrifying blur as he lay in a coma. When he finally woke up, the hero who charged into burning buildings was gone, replaced by a reality of medical retirement and a halved income. Despair wasn’t an option for his family. Kris’s wife, and three daughters, with the same fiery spirit as their father, refused to let their family’s light dim. “We can help, Mom!” they declared, their voices united and determined. That’s when the idea for Freeze 2 Crunch was born.
In their darkest hour, they found hope through a shared passion, sweets! Freeze 2 Crunch started as more than just a business, it was an attestation to the strength and resilience that women, especially daughters, can find in each other. This venture became their lifeline, a celebration of creativity and family unity, and a delicious reminder that even in the darkest times, a spark of innovation can light the way to a brighter future.
At the NEW-Women’s Business Center, we were honored to support Freeze 2 Crunch in their journey. Starting strong with over 10 hours of training and counseling events, they’ve made the most of our resources to get their business off the ground. Our free classes on labeling, website design, pricing products, and cottage food laws helped them turn their passion project into a flourishing entrepreneurial journey.
Freeze 2 Crunch is more than just candy; it’s a symbol of their unyielding spirit and a delicious tribute to Kris’s bravery. Their unique freeze-dried candy, with tiny bursts of flavor that are light as air and exploding with taste, became a way to keep their family’s light shining. Every bag of candy they sell is a step toward rewriting their story, where they, not circumstances, dictate their path.
Their journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Every day brings new lessons, nights spent perfecting recipes in their kitchen, and the ongoing effort to spread the word about their sweet treats. But with every positive customer review, every child’s face lighting up at the taste of Freeze 2 Crunch, and every local store owner who believes in their family business, a wave of hope washes over them.
Freeze 2 Crunch is a celebration of resilience in the face of adversity. It’s a validation to the strength found in family bonds and the power of love to overcome the toughest challenges. As they continue to grow and expand their business, they carry with them the lessons learned from their journey, that with creativity, determination, and unwavering support, they can turn any setback into a stepping stone toward success.
At the New Women’s Business Center, we celebrate the success of Freeze 2 Crunch and their inspirational journey. Their story isn’t just about sweets, it’s about the sweet success that rises from the ashes, driven by love and a fierce determination to create a brighter future for their family. We are proud to have been a part of their journey and look forward to supporting many more small businesses in achieving their dreams.

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