A Shero Workshop: Pitching Franchise Movies to Hollywood

January 31 – 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

After 18 years of practicing and studying the art of screenwriting, I finally got my big break in 2019 when I was personally selected by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer for the screenwriting incubator, imagine impact. While participating in the incubator, I wrote a big Dash budget screenplay in just eight weeks. After completing the script, I was tasked with pitching the project to an audience of over 100 Hollywood producers and Studio executives. The screenplay was a hit and gets me meetings in Hollywood. It also opened doors for me to pitch on even bigger movies at the studio level. Pitching, I discovered, is an art form of its own and is necessary if you want a writing career in hollywood. This Workshop will give you all the basics that you’ll need to successfully pitch a movie or TV series to a production company or major Studio.