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Take Your Fashion from Pursuit to Profit

Empower Your Inner Fashionista

Have you dreamed of taking your fashion idea to market? Our Made in LA program is designed to give Los Angeles-based fashionistas the tools to make their dreams a reality. Each of the 6-sessions in the program are 2 hours long and will be taught by experienced professionals and designers from the industry. These experts will provide you with the tools, insights and step-by-step guidance for you to develop a cohesive business plan.

Session 1

Let’s Build Your Story

Planning your fashion business – lets build your business’ story, let’s go over the steps of building a business, the requirements to start, grow and expand your business. Its not only the creative part of the business is where the revenue will come from. Let’s plan for success.

Session 2

Brand Positioning

Plan out your brand position through market research, build and review your brand mood & tone. Branding starts wth you and your business will be reflexion of you, let’s work together to identify the key points that makes your brand unique and your potential niche market.

Session 3

The Legal Side of the Business

Start your business with the licenses and permits required. This session will go over the Legal Side of your business: learn about licenses, permits, RN numbers, certifications & Contractors. Do you need an LLC or you can start with a DBA? Is a Corporation S or C will make sense.

Session 4

Manufacturing & Production

Fashion Manufacturing & Production. Join us for a unique webinar on understanding the different type of fashion manufacturing. From micro manufacturers to international locations. What makes sense for you, what are the steps to be successful and risks of each type.

Session 5

Positioning Your Brand & How to Sell

We can have the most beautiful fashion pieces, we can be super happy of what we design and produce and now comes reality. Where you going to sell it. We are going to walk you through positioning your Brand for success, how to sell wholesale & retail in these changing times.

Session 6

Ready to Go to Market

Let’s get ready to go to market! Reviewing advertising, marketing, sales & distribution. The important part of business, your revenue model, where is the income coming from and can our business succeed with our strategy.

2024 Sessions

Classes are every Thursday evening for 6 consecutive weeks

January 23 – February 27
April 16 – May 20
July 23 – August 27
October 22 – November 26

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Designing your Destiny

Class benefits include:

  • Receive tools, templates and processes to develop a comprehensive business plan.

  • Conduct research to understand your target audience and how to effectively position your product to reach your ideal customer.

  • Understand the details of obtaining permits, licenses and certifications to run a business in CA.

  • Learn about the 4-stages of manufacturing and producing a product in the fashion world: from pre-development to development to production to selling your product.

  • Acquire the insights needed to sell your product as a wholesaler, retailer, distributor or online.

  • Meet a variety of experts in the fashion industry and receive guidance to develop a cohesive sales and marketing plan for your product.

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